troll falls

A couple of weeks back I posted a picture of Upper Troll Falls. A frozen water fall that I hiked out to for the first time. I had previously been out to see Troll Falls in the summer but that was as far as I went. Check out the link to see the difference a season makes. Its a complete other world.

After shooting at Upper Troll Falls I stopped off at Troll Falls on the way to set up a couple of spot lights behind waterfall and take a few shots. There were huge icicles that ran from the top of the canyon all the way to the bottom next to the actual frozen waterfall. You could hear the water rushing inside the ice, its a daunting figure to look at, especially at night with it lit up.

I got some great locations mapped out that I want to check out in the upcoming weeks. Come back and check them out. In the meantime, there is also my Instagram account that I upload to frequently from my phone.


Just an hour out of Calgary, on the outskirts of Kananaskis Village and Nakiska Ski Resort is a short little hike to this absolute gem of a spot, Troll Falls. I got there about an hour before sunset and had the whole place to myself. I saw a couple of people on my way out there walking back but that’s it. It was magical.

You can tell the place got hit fairly hard in 2013 from the floods, with trees still arched from the impact, while others were not so lucky and have been uprooted. Despite the damage, it gives it a feel of a secret garden, hidden in amongst a large rocky canyon that wraps around and protects the whole area. I felt like being in a rain forest.

There are more falls along Marmot Creek that I am looking forward to checking out… possibly in winter when they start to freeze. Would be great to return and give a different perspective.