snow day

Calgary. September 8th, the snow has arrived! I feel like I should be disappointed and upset like just about everyone else in Calgary but I’m not. I was so pleasantly surprised when I heard someone mention it snowing that I got up and went out into the lobby at work just to see the snow fall. I love it.

As soon as I got home, I got changed, grabbed my camera and straight back out the door. I drove downtown to Price’s Island Park and walked around a little through the trees and along the river just taking it all in. It’s always the most beautiful when it first falls.

This is short lived though. We are expecting temperatures back in the low 20s by the end of the week. Oh yeah, for those of you not in Calgary reading this, it was 27 degrees celsius yesterday. Yup, and I thought Melbourne was bad for having 4 seasons in one day.


Snow day

Snow day

I have been a little absent from my blog as of late due to it being quite a busy couple of months. New job, new neighbourhood and new living arrangement. I have to say though that everything is lining up quite nicely and things have really been working out for me over here.

The snow has arrived and over the past 3 weekends we have had a few flurries. None more so than last night where we got 15cm overnight and early today. It was absolutely beautiful outside so I thought it might be nice to get out of the house when the snow died down a little. I headed over to Fish Creek Park which is only about 5 minutes away from us now and loved the fact that I was the only person down there. Well, I brought Maggie along with me so it was just the two of us. I brought my camera along and we went for a nice little walk along the pathway walking on untouched snow. It really was a beautiful afternoon down there.

The image above is of the creek which is just about entirely covered in ice and snow and the image below is of the pathway with the untouched snow.

Thank you for reading, I am looking forward to getting a lot more shot this winter.