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Work Life

I am exhausted but relieved!

For the past month, we have been working on a huge job for Cenovus, a large oil and gas company here in Calgary. It is an event they hold every 2 years called the Innovation Summit. There are 111 work teams who required our help in designing and coordinating 4 life size posters for each team. That is a total of 444 posters. Normally in any given week, I may be in charge of managing 10-15 jobs but for this period, my task was to stay on top of 111 jobs plus all of our regular work that was coming in. It was a huge, huge duty.

Having a client that is as large as Cenovus, there is a huge shopping list of items that you need to look for when composing and proofing these posters. Formatting, specific imagery, corporate colours, capitalisation, punctuation and everything else that comes in under their branding guidelines too. The process was very long!

For the first time in my life, I put my job first. I have put in a bit of hard work here and there when needed in the past but nothing like this. It was a giant learning curve for me and one that has given me an enormous amount of satisfaction for sticking to it and seeing it through. The last of the posters was sent into production today. I feel a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders! Working 11-14 hour days was taxing. I lived, breathed and every night dreamt of these posters. Dreaming of proofing and sending emails and receiving calls from clients. I would wake up in the morning at 5:30am, shower, go to work come home anywhere between 7:30-9:30pm and go straight to bed. It was my life, I was totally consumed in it! I have never worked as hard as I have this past month in my whole life and although I know it got the better of me a couple of times, where I had to simply walk outside and take a couple of deep breaths, it is something that I know will make me better at what I do in the long run. There is absolutely no way in hell I could have gotten through it without Ash. She was there to look after me when I was a useless tit as soon as I came home, was there for moral support when I needed it and even came in one night with some dinner. This girl is amazing!

I have never been so interested in my job and as motivated I am here at orange door. It is an amazing company with a fantastic bunch of people I both work with and deal with and I don’t think I could have found a better job. l do really love my life here in Canada!