midnight roadtrip

A couple of weeks ago, I got the pleasure of seeing the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights as they are more commonly known as. I have been inspired to go see them after coming across some photos from a photographer here who is located just out of Calgary. You can check out his amazing photos here. His name is Christopher Martin and his photos are something I have really looked up to. Hopefully I can at some point take some photos half as amazing as those. He recommended a website called Aurora Watch based up in Edmonton that monitors solar activity and sends alerts if you sign up for it. I had received alerts before but foolishly not gone out as I thought I wouldn’t see them but after checking out Christopher’s site each time, he would post up his photos from those nights. I told myself I am going out next time I get an alert, no excuses! Ash and I had been in Bowness all day helping clean up flood affected homes and got home around midnight. We were still a little wired for god knows why, so we decided to stay up and watch some tv to get sleepy. At 1:30am, I received an alert telling me there was 95% chance of activity. I turned to Ash and said “let’s do it”. We left home at 2:00am, with no real idea where to go so I thought lets just head out of the city away from the lights up north since they are the northern lights and see what happens. We did just that and drove north till we couldn’t see the city lights and took a back road just to get away from any cards that may come. All of a sudden, BAM!, there they were! They were absolutely amazing to watch. The colours, the flickering and dancing, it truly was a beautiful thing to see. I was happy to say I had the pleasure of ticking something off my ‘to do’ list! It took a bit of playing around on my camera to get some decent shots but it was my first time shooting them so I am fairly happy with what I got. We stayed out till 4:00am when the sun started to rise. It had been an extremely long day, it was time to go. I could have stayed out there until the sun came up, I was on such a natural high but we made the right decision coming home when we did though as I already paid for the late night for the next week trying to recover. It felt like I had come home from a bender! When we did get home though, we could still see them glowing from our backyard. Truly amazing! I can’t wait to head out there again. I hope you enjoy what I got.