After arriving here last year at the start of the playoffs, I found myself hooked! It was love at first sight! Something to get me through winter perhaps? Dear Michael Malone raised the alarm bells early when he took off on a 5 day pairing. I was lying on the couch, Lulus on, white t-shirt drinking a beer watching hockey. He came home and there I was, wearing my Lulus, white tee on, drinking a beer, watching the hockey. That was the day Ash became a hockey widow! Well… as fate would have it, with me excited for the new season, we had to have a lockout didn’t we?! Here stood an absolute shattered man!

After over 100 days of talking, arguing, hair pulling and negotiations, hockey is back tonight. People have said the fans will forfeit games, rip up season tickets and switch off the TV. I don’t think so, we are so happy to have it back, we wouldn’t care what happened.

Unfortunately I have adopted a fairly shitty team but I am hoping that is all about to change. Every game is on the TV so that’s a great start but come on Calgary, give me something to cheer about!

Go! Flames! Go!