Although it’s a balmy 2°C right now, I have to say that this cold isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I come from Melbourne in south east Australia and although it isn’t the warmest part of the country, it wouldn’t be too often that the temperature would drop to 2°C at night time let alone the middle of the day.

So far the lowest temperature I have experienced over here is -24°C on Boxing Day. I went out with Ash to get a new pair of ice-skates, a hockey stick, gloves and a helmet with two of her brothers Jonathan and Jaeden which was part of my Christmas present and actually went out for a skate too.  Sure it was a little chilly but I had fun! I think that over here the main difference is that I actually dress appropriately. In Melbourne I would feel the cold more while going out in the winter but I think that’s mainly because I went out in just a thin cardi or a shirt. Another reason I’m probably not feeling the cold over here as much is that I have let my chest hair grow a little longer than I normally would. The whole yeti approach must be doing the trick.

Although the thermometer reads in to the sub zero temperatures, we have an awful lot of days with clear blue sky. It’s great! For example right now, I am sitting at my desk at work looking outside and it looks like a beautiful day. That may have a little something to do with the heater blasting at full steam but either way it’s a great little illusion. It doesn’t hurt that you can look up and see the snow covered Rockies in the distance either. Even when the weather turns for the worst, you can still find me looking out the window, staring at the snow fall with a big smile on my face. I keep being told to enjoy it while it’s still new because like everyone else here I will grow to loathe it but I really can’t see that happening. I enjoy it a lot. I love driving in the snow too. It’s so much fun!

I have been warned that come February, when temperatures drop around -30°C to -40°C that I will really be tested! Bring it on I say! I will let you all know how I go… that is, if I survive.