This image above came about after fooling around with images on Photoshop. There are exposures from two entirely different places but they came together so naturally. The foreground is from a beautiful location I found north of the city whilst the other is an exposure from the south east of Calgary. Both photos were taken facing north west into the setting sun.

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love how well they worked together…

I headed downtown for a bit of shopping this afternoon and thought I may as well pack my camera with me. I finished my shopping around 5pm and was on my way back home when I caught a glimpse of the most amazing sunset in my rear view mirror. In Calgary we get chinooks and when they come in, it forms an amazing looking arch that if you are to the east of the Calgary, looks like it arcs right over the city. With the formation of the clouds and the intense orange sunset, I tried to get to a vantage point as soon as I could to the east of downtown to get some shots but I missed the incredible light show. Instead I was only able to capture the chinook arch as the sun was well and truly set… It was still a great site to see.

Below: A shot from closer downtown with the chinook arch in the background.