I love how beautiful deciduous trees can look during the cold winter months. They stand there, bare, naked and exposed in a deep sleep, patiently waiting for the days to grow longer and warmer.
I can’t quite pinpoint what it is that draws me to them but stumbling across a scene like this this, I couldn’t help but pull over to stop and admire these Aspens. With a faint glow from a dying Aurora in the background, it really made for a magical scene. A place I will definitely be returning to, hopefully next time with an active Northern Lights show.

I am so stoked that one of my pictures from Beakerhead was picked up by one of my favourite websites/blogs of all time, My Modern Met! I have religously browsed through this website almost every day when I have a bit of downtime and to have one of my photos on that site, is truly an amazing experience!

Check out the article below;

If you ever want any inspiration or just want to look at some amazing work from around the world, check out their website. I absolutely love it! I will have more Beakerhead photos up in the next little while… and if you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, I will give you a little background on it too 🙂



If you have been to Lake Louise, no matter what time of year it is, then you know just how busy it can get. For something different, I thought I would check it out at night, as in past midnight and what a different place it is. Quiet, peaceful, serene, still, hauntingly beautiful… how many more words basically meaning the same thing can I use to explain it. With the exception of a couple of other photographers with the same idea as me and a couple of night owls strolling around the pathway from the chateau, the difference literally was night and day.

The stars were out in their millions and the was a perfect crispness in the air without it feeling too cold. Once of those beautiful mountain nights.

Lake Louise - Night