There is nothing quite like a sunset. It doesn’t matter how many times you have seen the sun go down, it always feels like it is for the first time. Everywhere I travel, no matter where it is, I always do what I can to see the sun set in that city, town or village. It is by far one of my favourite things on this earth.

Above – A large cluster of annual sow thistle catch the last light of the day as the sun slowly makes it way below the horizon.

Below – The sun sets over the wheat fields out in the Alberta prairies. The mixture of soil and dust in the air from all of the machinery out harvesting along with the colours of the sun setting make it a really beautiful site. The photo does is absolutely no justice at all.

  • Aspen Glow
  • My Modern Met for Beakerhead…
  • Plain of Six Glaciers – Victoria Glacier
  • A silent, sleeping Lake Louise

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  1. by Benmo

    Gorgeous perspective… and I’m not a desert kinda girl.

    • Thank you so much. It isn’t actually out in the desert. It is more in the flat prairies here in Alberta where they grow alot of crops such as grains and wheats.

  2. Beautiful shots, love the landscape and of course who couldn’t love the sunset! Cheers!

    • I appreciate your kind words. Thank you.

  3. We get the opportunity most days to see two marvels – a sunrise and a sunset. We should never take that for granted! Incredible shots, and it’s tough to do nature justice in photography sometimes, isn’t it?

    • Thanks Eli. I have had a lot of fun with my shooting since moving to Calgary learning all about Landscape Photography. It is so diverse here from the City to the Rockies, to the Prairies and also the Badlands all within an hour or so drive from each other.

      Comments like this are so refreshing and motivate me to get out there and keep trying new things. Thank you.

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