Mt Rundle at night

On Friday night, I drove up to Canmore for a book launch for a photographer I have really looked up to and admired. Since moving over here, there are a number of photographers that I have followed who live in this region and I have drawn from their blogs and portfolios for inspiration. The book launch was for Paul Zizka (Summits & Starlight), which features his photos, mostly from Banff National Park and the Rockies. These are not just your ordinary photos from the side of Highway 1 though, they are images from some of the most remote, untouched and pristine areas of the region and as the title suggests of the most amazing mountains and peaks along with some of the truly amazing starry nights. Check out this blog post from his website for more information on the book and also check out his images on there. They truly are spectacular.

I brought my camera along with me as I bought myself some new glass during the week and I have been dying to use it. Apart from shooting the Aurora a few months ago, I haven’t really tried night time photography and with my new 14mm wide angle lens I was exited to give it a shot. If you take a look at the link in the paragraph above, you will see the cover is my inspiration for this shoot. Mount Rundle, as I told Claire, Justin and I think Mark aswell when they were all here, is the mountain they filmed the Lion King on. It is such a spectacular looking peak. As you can see though, the lake in that very same photograph on the cover of Paul’s book is fully covered in ice and snow now but I was lucky to find a little spot where you could see the ice. The rest of the lake is covered in about 30-40cm of snow. The shot above is the pick of the bunch. There was a little opening through the clouds so you can see a few stars shining through. If I arrived around 15-20 minutes earlier, I would have been lucky enough to have seen a nice starry background behind the mountain. Looking above and behind me though, there were some great sized holes in the clouds. Being out in such a remote place with only a couple of small villages around, the sky is pitch black and there are millions of stars!

The shot below is what was immediately behind me when I was shooting Rundle. You can see in that little pocket of open sky just how many stars are visable out there on a clear night. I really would like to head out there again on a night that is a little more clearer and try my hand at shooting the Milky Way.

As I said in my last post, I am looking forward to getting out there a lot this winter. Don’t forget to stop by check out what I have been getting up to. I have really appreciated all of the support and been amazed with the page views I have had. It really inspires me to get out there more and more.

Thanks for the support.


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  2. Wow man, winter is definitely the time to be there!!!
    You are inspiring me to pull my camera out more with every shot you take!!!

    • You definitely need to come over here in winter! Bring the lady over too! Just bundle up with a few layers and it’s awesome!

      Thanks for the encouragement too. It truly means a lot!

  3. by Justin

    Wow mate! Seriously wow! I’m blown away by these shots. I actually cant believe that your little camera body took in such a spectacular image! It must be the guy behind the glass obviously.
    These are by far your best images. I need a lesson on Canadian landscape photography when i get over there.

    • Thanks JP. Coming from you, I regard that as such an amazing compliment! Your are the one who inspired me to take up photography so I owe it all to you.

      The little 500D hasn’t let me down yet. I really want a 5D or something a little more high end which will happen down the road but I really just wanted a good wide angle lens rather than a body and believe it or not these shots are from my new lens which is a Samyang 14mm prime lens. It is fully manual, which includes focus and also aperture which I have never seen before on a lens but for $300 I am so happy with it! I am not sure if I will ever buy a high end lens for a while if these new budget lenses are pumping out this sort of quality.

      I really am excited to be trying some new things out over the next few months. It is such a great place for photography!


  4. by Kerin & Jenny

    We just looked at your shots and think they’re amazing. A bit different to the holiday pics you took as a kid. You make people feel as if they are with you at the time. The landscape is ever changing as we found out. You manage to capture it. You may even get us over one winter!!!!

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    • Please do Jerry. Feel free to share it. Thank you for the support.


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