I have to admit, it was really a daunting image to see as you are about to take off in a plane. Disasters seem to be following Ash and I around lately. First the flood and now a plane crash a couple of days before we left San Francisco. As you can see, everything is clearly out in the open as the airport is re-opened and they investigate the crash. A sight I will never forget.

  • Aspen Glow
  • My Modern Met for Beakerhead…
  • A silent, sleeping Lake Louise
  • Monday night lights!

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  1. by terry

    Hi Nick.
    Love this image….. chilling.
    Also wanted to say thank you for the ‘follow’, it’s very encouraging.
    Also…. I haven’t had to go through so much security to comment on a blog site since I signed up as a double agent at ASIO……… previet comrade

    • Thanks Terry! I appreciate your comment.

      Why was it so hard to reply? I didn’t realise it was such a pain in the arse, sorry about that…

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