Absolute crazy scenes here in Calgary today and tonight. We have been absolutely pissed on with rain the past couple of days and have had more than we normally would in a month. Ironically, a place called High River has been hit the hardest. Many communities, even here in the city have been told to evacuate as the river that flows through the city, the Bow River comes straight from the Rocky Mountains an hour away. Not only are we dealing with rain coming down here, it is also the rain coming down in the mountains, which is then melting the snow and basically doubling and tripling the volume of water come down the river.

Luckily, we are up in the safely on of the top of the valley but we took a drive around to check out the huge volumes of water coming through the city.

That is Prince’s Island Park or should I say, was. There is an unbelievable amount of water shooting through!



  • Aspen Glow
  • My Modern Met for Beakerhead…
  • Plain of Six Glaciers – Victoria Glacier
  • A silent, sleeping Lake Louise

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  1. by Steve Norbert

    Absolute amazing pictures. That surge is incredible!

    • Thanks Steve. It really was such a surreal thing to see.

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