I had the most amazing thing happen to me the other day where someone told me they saw my billboard on their way to work on Friday. It really was an awesome feeling, just knowing that my work is being displayed publicly around Calgary. I finally got a chance to see one of them this weekend. This one is downtown on 9th Avenue and 4th Street SW. Ash and I drove out there after dinner and patiently waited for the other ads to cycle through and then BAM! there it was. I could not get the smile off my face. I wouldn’t mind heading out there again and getting a better shot with the cityscape in the background but I really am glad I got to see one of them and get my photo with it. I doubt anything like this will ever happen again so I won’t to savour it as long as I can.

Of course I can;t post without mentioning the Exposure 2014 Emerging Photographer competition. There are still a couple of weeks left to vote so please do so at the link below if you haven’t already. Also, for those of you in Calgary, the winner will be announced at the festival closing party on Feb 28 the Endeavor Art Gallery from 7 – 10pm. I would absolutely love to have as many of you there as possible for what should be a fun night.

Thank you all for your love and support.


  • Aspen Glow
  • My Modern Met for Beakerhead…
  • A silent, sleeping Lake Louise
  • A moody friday night…

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  1. by Justin


  2. That is awesome Nic ………… I’m pumped. How huge is that shot! Don’t you dare think that it cannot happen again …………. this is just the beginning …….. things are starting to roll for me as well so we can roll together ……… which will keep the hemispheres in balance. This is so cool!

    • Hey Terry, I still can not believe it. It is absolutely amazing!

      I have really appreciated your support as well as your encouragement. Maybe this is the beginning. Everything needs to start somewhere right?

      Congratulations are definitely in order for you too! The Paperbook Collective is such a damn cool publication. I am a big fan and am extremely impressed!

      Let’s keep this going!

      • Absolutely. It’s like push starting my old Jag. You put in all this effort just to get it rolling, and you don’t want to have to go through that again…….. all fast moving down hill runs from here.

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