Moose - Bow River

This image is from a couple of weekends ago when I stayed out in the mountains. The conditions were too treacherous at Bow Lake but as I drove along Highway 1 back towards Calgary I came across this spot. I pulled over and spent most of the time just enjoying being back amongst the fresh mountain air. To my surprise, out of no-where, a couple of Moose started walking towards the river. I had seen a Moose once but it was absolutely incredible to see them come out to the river and take a drink. These are the moments I have really enjoyed whilst exploring out on my own. It is cool to think that I am the only person who saw that, it really makes it special.

It has been a crazy few weeks and I have so many images to process and play around with including some from Australia too. I will eventually get to them though I am sure.

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  • A silent, sleeping Lake Louise
  • Desert beauty
  • Sunrise at Arch Rock – Joshua Tree NP

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  1. Great. Pictures

    • Thanks Grandma. It was really cool to see them come out into the open like that.

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