Coachella Ferris Wheel

What is it they say… Everything happens for a reason? After today I don’t doubt that for one second!

Today, tickets for Coachella went on sale. 11am Mountain Time. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I’ve bought my fair share of festival tickets to know that but I was going to give it a go anyway while I was at work. With Ash in the skies all day and a two ticket limit per person, it was all up to me.

As it turned out, I was up all night long running laps from my bed to the bathroom and ended up making the call to stay  at home bed ridden for the day. I have to admit, it was a blessing in disguise (maybe). There is no way I could have sat on my computer at work trying for 45 minutes as I did frantically trying to purchase tickets.

I thought I was off to a good start as I skipped to the standby page a few minutes before 11am. I got through and was able to select which tickets I wanted only to keep getting messages that they were unavailable. I thought I would keep going until someone comes up to say they are sold out incase it was crashing due to the volume of people on the site. Chatting with Parker’s mate Brennan he told me to keep trying. With error after error I wasn’t hopeful but finally I scanned over the page as it crashed back to home and it said I had 1.30 mins to confirm my purchase! I was in! I couldn’t believe it. Tickets are booked and we are hitting up Coachella in April! It’s not quite the line-up of last year, last year’s setlist is probably the best list of acts I have ever seen but there are definetely some wicked bands and DJs playing this year too.



  • Desert beauty
  • Sunrise at Arch Rock – Joshua Tree NP
  • Milky Way – Death Valley NP
  • Sailing Stones at Racetrack Playa

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  1. by Justin

    Baha! Mountain time… Brings back camp memories.

  2. by Carlos

    Hello Nic, I am a user of the theme Invictus for WordPress. If you can answer a question I’d appreciate it. How do you did the Photography Menu? With Invictus? thank you very much for your time and sorry for my English!
    P.D you have a very nice web, congratulations.

    • Carlos, this is done by using the ‘portfolio sortable grid’ template. To get the menus there you scroll down till you find ‘sortable grid settings’. You then check which galleries you want to select and move them in whichever order you want them to display.

      Hope that helps.

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