Fire_Elbow Falls

I find I am getting more and more adventurous living out here in Canada. More specifically, Alberta. I guess you could say that this relates to my last post about wanderlust but I am loving getting out there and exploring new places whether it is by myself or with others, it doesn’t matter. As long as I am getting out there and seeing new things. These photo’s took a bit of work to get to, nothing crazy but a bit more than parking in the lot and shooting from the viewing platform. I got some great guide books from the area that I have been able to find some places that have caught my eye so I look forward bringing them to you in 2015.

I had a fire by the Elbow River while I waited for the sun to set last week. The shots in my last post were from this same location. The first photo is looking towards the falls, you can just make them out in the background. The second photo below is actually looking the other way, a shot not too many people take but with the stars shining so brightly towards the east, I couldn’t help but take a couple of photos. For this image below, i keot the shutter open for 1min 30secs. You can see how much the stars move in that time as the earth turns. Adds something a little different I think.

Elbow Falls - The other way

  • Aspen Glow
  • Plain of Six Glaciers – Victoria Glacier
  • A silent, sleeping Lake Louise
  • The End of the Line… Bankhead

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  1. I really like the blog to go with the pictures. It gives perspective.

    • Thank you Lori. I really do appreciate your feedback.

      I have enjoyed keeping up this blog since I moved over here. Have gotten a little lazy with my writing recently but looking to change that.

      Feel free to use or share any of my images on your website.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy your pictures Nic.

    I was searching for an image to pair to a poem that I wrote when I happened upon your s.
    With your permission, here is the poem;

    As I lay by the river in the firelight
    and watch as the stars in the sky take flight
    it seems as though all the world is right
    be it only in my dreams tonight

    Kevin Ryan Duncil

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