I posted a few photos up last night of the water surging through and we headed down to Centre Street Bridge once again to see just how things have changed over night. There are so many people out there who have been forced to evacuate here. The last I heard it was well over 100,000 people. one of those people being Ash’s cousin Jen who lives just down the road from us but down in the valley. We checked it out today but luckily the water hasn’t risen high enough to really affect hr house although the water is flowing all around it.

Some people aren’t as lucky and some aren’t really that smart as you can see below on Memorial Drive. One of the busiest roads down town that run along the banks of the river. Unfortunately, people simply think it isn’t high enough, risk and and this is the result…

We got a bit closer to Centre Street Bridge this time and actually walked across it. The sound of the water gushing under the bridge and under the road that is under the bridge was so loud. Trees were floating down the river and so you could hear those clunk into the road down there as well as the structure and it makes you think just how much damage all of this is doing. Here are a few photos from around that area…

It seems like everyone is out to have a look and get photos of the craziness going on around here.

This once again is Prince’s Island Park. As you can see it is absolutely submerged now. It wasn’t looking too good yesterday but it is well and truly under the Bow River now.

Roads downtown are all blocked off and as you can see, everyone is trying to get out of there and up to higher ground. Centre Street Bridge, one of only a couple of bridges stilled deemed safe to remain open is jam packed with cars of people trying to evacuate the city.

This is Sunnyside. A beautiful little neighbourhood that I have always wanted to move to. Now I am thinking it isn’t such a good idea.

As you can see, huge crowds are gathering to take in the tragic but truly remarkable sight.

The long, lonely walk to higher ground…

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