Queenscliff break

I am not too sure if this really was a good idea but this photo was taken with no casing or any form of protective equipment whatsoever. A storm had just passed through so the water was calm and still with nice little clean waves coming through and breaking. I was out there with the strap around my neck, a cloth in one hand and my camera in the other. There was no-one else on the beach apart from Ash and I thank goodness as here I was out in the water with my DSLR in the ocean trying to set everything manually, running right out in front of the waves before they broke, taking the shot then quickly lifting the camera over my head and jumping as the wave was breaking. Not my smartest moment but hey, I escaped without getting my camera too wet.

Out of all the photo’s I took, none came out much better than this! This is the shot I had envisioned and what I had set out to achieve so to come out of it with my camera unscathed and getting my shot, I could not have been any happier.

What can I say, sometimes you have to put yourself out there to get what you want. That goes for photography and life in general.



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  1. that’s a cool shot

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